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Step right up as we extol the virtues of this almost magical elixir!

  • Multi use beard oil, hair tonic, pre-shave oil
  • "Dry" oil, wont stain clothes or leave hands greasy
  • Uses anti-frizz technology stolen from women's grooming products

The Holy Black Snake Oil is an all purpose grooming oil. Masterfully formulated for a variety of uses, including but not limited to- Shaving oil,  pre-shave treatment, beard oil, hair tonic,  Anti-dandruff( for scalp and beard), Leave in conditioner, and anti-frizz. You could also probably use it to oil your razor to prevent rust, and even lubricate an electric hair clipper in a pinch.  A very important tool in your grooming arsenal. 


Gunpowder Spice

Gunpowder Spice is exactly what it sounds like, a mix between the classic spicy scent with the added aroma of freshly fired black powder. The smokiness of the black powder mixes well with the spices you remember from when your grandfather splashed it on.